Find your way back

In bed when I lay alone,

I can’t help but think of the emptiness I seem to bore hole.

I can’t help but feel how hollow what once was full.

I can’t help but regret losing you.


When I roam aimless and see souls pass by,

I can’t help but envy their fingers interwined.

I can’t help but long for the love in their eyes.

I can’t help but wish to turn back time.


My heart beats, now aimless,

With nowhere to settle and no one to miss.

My heart now wishes just this last time.

That you find your way back, that again you’ll be mine.


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Twitter Tests 280 Character-Limit while I still Pray for the Edit Button

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Twitter announced that it is testing a new update on the microblogging platform, increasing the infamous 140-character limit to 280.  (Read Twitter’s blog post about it here).  I can already see the glimmer in my colleagues’ eyes once they catch wind of this.  Forcing Encouraging them to draft content in under 140 characters is a test of both patience and dedication.  Some were up to the challenge while others I know are cursing me for doing so.

While that will definitely save social media managers a couple of threaded tweets here and there, I think Twitter should have explored the possibility of and “Edit” function first.  Twitter has already been associated with the 140-character limit.  Love it or hate it, Twitter has been defined by its challenging premise of effectively expressing your thoughts in 140 characters. (Pro tip: Ideal tweet length is actually 100 characters, give or take depending on your hashtags).

There have been a number of times when I prayed for a miracle after posting erroneous tweets in the past.  And while I have been more careful since then (no errors for the last 4 years, yay!), the dread of clicking the “Tweet” button still lingers until now.

Let’s see if Twitter follows through on the testing and actually let the public use the 280 characters.  And then maybe they’ll consider that “Edit.”

From Twitter's blog post:
From Twitter’s blog post:


Love You to the Stars and Back

poster-e1502411670714Entering the cinema, I was expecting a feel-good teen romance movie even if its trailer mentioned that the male lead has cancer.

Boy, was I wrong.  The movie dealt with the pain of losing someone, and the fear of leaving the people you love behind.

The movie revolved around their journey to a mountain in Batangas, but really, it was a journey to accepting fate, loss and love.

There was one scene that really broke my heart.  With both Joshua Garcia (I love you and your talent! 😍) and Julia Barretto giving really stellar performances, that scene showws how hard it is for two young teens to try to overcome hardships and be as mature as they can in dealing with them.  I am sure it is easy for older viewers to dismiss some of their dilemma as petty and even selfish.  But what the movie showed was that they are trying to deal with it the best wat they can and in the most mature way possible. (So Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, stop judging.) This movie is a clapback to all the older people (whom I respect dearly, but) I know who generalize our generation as mababaw. Uhm, yeah.  Go watch this movie.

When the movie ended, I told myself, “Damn, this movie is dramatic. And romantic. And perfect for me.”

I was holding back my tears the whole time because I was ashamed of what the people beside me may think when they hear a guy watching alone crying.

This is definitely one of the best Filipino romantic movies I’ve seen recently.  I loved the story, the acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, (almost) everything.

So please, go watch the movie while I start wishing to the higher beings: Please give me my Joshua Garcia.