It was a frustrating night for me last night when I was in front of my laptop trying to come up with a good story for my MMC final campaign.  I have come up with a number of options but nothing seemed to stick.

It was three hours in when I finally realized what was missing.  I had all the correct information but it lacked heart.  I would not claim to be great with words.  I’m just ~okay.  But I need to transform my story to focus on its hear.  My brand’s name, after all, is about love.

T-22 days before my defense and I need to muster whatever emotion and compassion I have to this campaign to make sure that my recommendations are not only technically sound, but impactful and personal as well.

When we are pressed with time and are required to come up with creative and out-of-the-box ideas, we sometimes forget as marketers that at the end of the day, our target market needs to relate your campaign.  It may not push the envelope in terms of innovation, but as long as your audience is engaged, then you are doing a good enough job.

I need to put more heart in my campaign.  I should not have any problems.  I have nothing (or no one) else to give it to anyway. (Naisingit pa talaga! 😂)


Chapter 3

It is now T-23 days until I face my panel and defend my recommendations for an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) campaign for LoveYourself, the brand I chose for my final campaign requirement to finish my Master of Marketing Communications (MMC) program.

I am 99% done with Chapter 2, pending some minor revisions, and am currently drafting Chapter 3 — the IMC recommendations.  Needless to say, Chapter 3 is the culmination of the two years I have spent studying under the program.  Chapter 3 will test my skills and craziness as a marketer.  I am lucky to be working a brand that I love and am passionate about.  My brand representative Vinn Pagtakhan, LoveYourself’s Executive Director no less, has been nothing but accommodating to my every request in hopes of suggesting strategies that will hopefully be helpful for LoveYourself.

From the research I have done — literature I’ve read and FGDs I have conducted — it is apparent that efforts must continue to properly educate Filipinos on HIV and AIDS, and to help them make an informed decision on getting tested for HIV.  My campaign’s Chapter 3 should reflect all that and attempt to solve issues and challenges that have surfaced from the research.  It is a challenge that, while I am required to do to finish the program, I would love to face, crack and eventually find answers to.

It is T-23 days before I present what I should believe are efficient and sound strategies for LoveYourself.  It is also T-23 days before I finish two years of graduate studies.

I admit that I decided to pursue graduate studies on a whim.  Yes, I have always dreamed of getting a masters degree, but deciding to apply for one was driven more by my desire to add excitement to my life than by my desire for further learning.

It might have been a pretty shallow reason but it still brought me here, seven academic terms in, and I could now consider it to be one of my more productive decisions in life.

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Find your way back

In bed when I lay alone,

I can’t help but think of the emptiness I seem to bore hole.

I can’t help but feel how hollow what once was full.

I can’t help but regret losing you.


When I roam aimless and see souls pass by,

I can’t help but envy their fingers interwined.

I can’t help but long for the love in their eyes.

I can’t help but wish to turn back time.


My heart beats, now aimless,

With nowhere to settle and no one to miss.

My heart now wishes just this last time.

That you find your way back, that again you’ll be mine.


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