All things has (have?) its firsts.

Well, this is my first (hope it wouldn’t be the last) blog in wordpress. I am not a newbie in blogging though. My first blog was in friendster, then in blogger and my most exhausted multiply.

Why dare create a blog here when i already have six (yes six, 1fs, 1multiply, 4blogger) blogs?

well, there are reasons.

1: i want to expand my horizons, and by that i mean more people reading my entries.

2:my blogs are not the tell-all type of blogs. each blog has its specifications, there’s an all fiction blog, a blog for my rants, a blog for my lovelife and friendship, and one blog for my most kept secret that i think none of my friends have ever read. which i prefer.

3: i want to test my creativty by making this blog as creative as it can be.

oh i forgot, i also own one blog account exclusive for my crush. i have kept my identity as the owner for quite some time but now myexcrush knows that i own the blog. since i already thought of it, let me check that blog first..hahaha

i am the type who tries to be creative, but unfortunately, is not.

so bear with me.


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