On job and insecurities

So my last post was about my insecurity issues. Just an update. The friend who was a University Scholar also made it as a cum laude. Apparently, the registrar did not include all his failing subjects when he was still and eng’g sutdent. As usual I felt bad for myself and it lasted for about 2 days. But thanks to my boyfriend, Ian, and my best friend, Jenina, I realized that him being a US and a cum laude did me no harm. At least I did not experience feeling sorry for myself because I thought I wouldn’t make the cut.

Oh well. I think my insecurity issues with other people ends there for now. What I’m trying to overcome now is the way I look at myself and my capabilities. Currently, I don’t think I am a good enough in every aspect of my life. This basically concerns my employment hunt. It’s almost a month after our graduation and I have yet to find a company that I like that will actually want to hire me.

I want a job!

What do you think?

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