Post-it determination

I have always wanted to lose weight.

My last semester in college was weird. I thought that I would have lost tons of weight because I had street dance as my PE subject and I was also busy with my thesis. But what happened was otherwise. By January 2010, I could not stop gaining weight.

I got frustrated because even though I tried hard to lose weight, I still get adding my fat up.

Now that I have nothing better to do than stay at home and stare at my computer or watch DVD, I am more afraid that I will never lose this baggage. So I thought of a GREAT idea to keep me determined on losing weight.

You see, I filled my room with Post-its where I wrote the words “DIET!” and “EXERCISE!”

My parents already saw this post-its and they also hope that I fulfill this task. My father also looked for his old dumbells, cleaned it and left it in my room for me to use.

So yeah, I think I’m gonna own this. Screw chips and sodas.

I want to see a better me.


What do you think?

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