That dreaded call

So today starts a week of waiting for THE call from a company I applied in last week. They said they are urgently hiring so I assume that they should have a decision on who to hire by this week.

You see, that was my most difficult job interview to date. The person who interviewed me asked typical question like what do i think of the job position, what is my expected salary, am I applying in other companies. What scared me the most was when he said that “now, the table has turned. It is now your time to ask me 5 questions.”

By that time, I knew that I have to be creative with my questions.

After asking all my questions, the interviewer regarded, “Great. You have a good set of questions although you have some syntax errors while you spoke.”

I thought that was it. I will go home and hope for the best. But no. he handed me a paper with six images. He said I will now take a visual exam.

I had to make three bullet creative descriptions per image. He gave me five minutes to finish. After giving him my paper, he directed me to a room where I took the 2nd part of the exam.

I was asked to write a 300-350-word PR article about a Vitamin C food supplement and write an ad body copy for a digital pen.

I was given around 20 minutes to finish both.

I was only able to write a 150-word PR article. I’m just not used to writing long articles.

I think I somehow did good in the ad body copy part of the exam.

Now, all I had to do is wait for the call. But come Wednesday, I will call them and ask if there’s any update on the application since it’s been a week since the interview. Wish me luck people. I really want to work.


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