10-day work

Finally, I managed to get myself a job, even just for ten days. Yes, TEN SHORT DAYS.

I am now working as a freelance PR writer for Corporate Image Dimensions, located in Makati. It was the company that I applied in last month but ended up not hiring anyone.
Last Thursday, one of their employees who happens to be my former college classmate, called me up to inform me that they are looking for a freelance writer. I initially said no because the pending job I am waiting for is also a writer position in another company. I then sent a text message to my professor, who is also my employer, regarding the status of the account that I will handle. She said that they are still waiting for the result of the pitching. I told her about the freelance offer and she replied that I get it because I am already part of their company but would also want for me to work in other company first while I am not doing anything for them.

I again called my former classmate from CID to inform him that I am interested in the offer. He then asked fe to send three of my sample works. I had a hard time which articles to send simply because I have hardly good articles!! I sent him two feature articles about sisig and Corregidor, and a news story about a school mock polls. He then sent me a message asking me to come to their office 3 p.m. that same day.

I arrived at the office 15 minutes early. I was then interviewed by Ms. Maricar, the company’s headwriter. She interviewed me for only five minutes. She then called their HR manager and told me “Iwewelcome ka na namin (We will welcome you now).” But the HR manager told me that they will send me a text message later that night about the job.

After I left the office I went straight to UP to meet my boyfriend and our friends/orgmates. While at school, the HR manager sent me a text message asking if I am interested in the offer. She said that I will receive five thousand pesos for a ten-day work. I was first hesitant because it seemed a small amount for the work needed. But my boyfriend and my friends told me to accept the offer because it is a lot better than spending ten days at home doing and earning nothing. I was told to start the following day.

First day of work.

I arrived on time but I have nothing to do so they asked me to settle on my cubicle first and surf the internet. Then after 45 minutes, one of my workmate, Kaye, asked me to do a PR article for one of the company’s clients (an authorized local reseller of a fruit-branded computer company).

She gave me the information needed for the article. I finished writing my first draft 30 minutes later but the headwriter said it was too short. I also thought it was too short to pass as a PR article. She asked me to write a second draft. I finished it at around 1:30 p.m. because we had lunch first. The lunch was a great experience for me because I felt that they were trying to make me at ease with them. They were very happy to be with although I was still very shy to talk. The most I did the whole day was smile at their comments.

When I sent my second draft, the headwriter edited it and added two additional paragraphs. I felt sad and worried thinking that I did not meet their expectation. But I was also felt relieved when I saw the article. She did not remove any part that I wrote; she just added a paragraph to emphasize the event theme that she forgot to tell me.

I was then asked to research for our next article.

I left the office by 6 p.m.

The whole day was great. The people in the company are great. I was happy that the day went well but it also made me hope that they make me stay longer or better yet, make me a regular employee. Although I think it is kind of impossible because they can very well function with the manpower that they already have.


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