Day 2, 3, and 4

So I’ve already spent 4 days in my 1-day job. 6 days left and I’m done.

Day 2

Day 2 was really great for me. The company had a weekly status report meeting where they asked me to join. I felt really ecstatic sitting beside the company owner and with the others reporting on the progress of the projects. My head writer asked me to write two articles and then the company owner asked me to write 3 more. I should be able to finish all those articles this week. I was really scared because I did not think I can finish all those this week. I was then given a 70-page material regarding the subject of my articles. It was my first time to finish reading a material that long, with a very serious topic. Yat and I then met at Glorietta and strolled around, had dinner then went home. It was really a great day for me.

Day 3

I was quite unproductive. I was only able to finish one article. I had a very hard time writing that article but I felt really relieved when my head writer IMed me and said that I wrote a nice article. But I was kind of worried because the following day was the deadline of the 3 articles the owner asked me to write. Plus i still have to finish one article assigned by my head writer.

Day 4 (Today)

I am really proud of myself!!! I finished all four articles. One was even approved without editing. I wrote all those articles from 10 am to 4:40 pm. Happy happy!!


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