Day 5 of Work

I can think of only one word to describe this day: BORING.

I was only asked to do 2 news monitoring report, which I finished in an hour. Then nothing. nada. This is the first time I actually felt bored in front of a computer with internet connection. Maybe because I cannot go to my favorite sites (youtube,omgpop, porn LOL).

Now I regret finishing all my articles yesterday. But I thought my deadline was yesterday and I will have another workload today. Gah! But still I enjoy being in this office.

If my prof who wants to employ me in her PR company won’t email me about the status of the account I’m supposed to handle, I will really talk to the higher-ups here and apply for a permanent position. The hell with “no vacancies.” I’m sure there’s room for one for someone as great as me.


What do you think?

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