College batchmates mini get together

Yesterday, our former org president and my batchmate, John, decided to organize a get together at Mcdo, SM Makati. None of the current members of our org was able to come because they had to attend the culmination night for the freshies because they are handling a block. Also the venue was for from most of their homes. So it’s basically us alumni who went.

I work in Makati so it’s not hard for me to go there. We were supposed to meet by 6 pm . I left the office by 6, roamed in Greenbelt for a while because I know no one will come on time. By 6:30 I decided to go to Mcdo and saw Mac there. He is now working with GMA (you’re cool because of this. :D). Then John, Shai (both working for CMFR), and Airene (A PR writer for a science foundation) came. It was only then that I found out Airene also works in Makati. I though she works with ABS-CBN Publishing. We wanted to wait for Nicai (working for Probe Prod) and Jean before we order our food but Jean was stuck in traffic in SLEX and Nicai was still in the MRT. So we ordered our food and ate. when Nicai came. She treated us with 2 large fries and 2 coke float. Jean (contributor for and a soon-to-be ad account exec) arrived last, thinking that she only live near the area. She ordered her food and then we left. She only stayed only for 30 minutes.

The whole night with them was fun, full of reminiscing though I felt a little awkward that we talked about work most of the time.


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