What I love about the people I work with now

If you have been reading my previous posts regarding my job-hunting, I might have mentioned my very low self esteem.

I used to think that I am not good enough to perform in the real world. I thought that my 15 years studying was useless because the companies I applied in found me not worthy of the job position. But that changed when I started working as a temporary writer for a PR firm.
They made me feel that I am somehow doing a good job. But they don’t just go around saying that I’m great. They still mention my errors and do the necessary corrections. Although my head writer is quite vocal in saying if I did a good job.
But the thing that really makes me feel good is when they keep on giving me work assignments. Like yesterday at around 11:30 pm, my head writer asked me to translate 5 Tagalog articles to English. She said I must finish it before 1:00 pm.
Also she sends all my articles directly to the company owner without editing it. I;m taking at as a hint that my  articles were decent enough for the owner to see.
I really feel happy working with them. I don’t mind now if my pay is quite low. I’m just very happy that I took the job.

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