So yeah, I’ve been employed for the last two weeks. I’ve been blogging about my two-week part-time stint with Corporate Image Dimensions.
I also blogged how the company offered me a full-time position.
Yesterday was the first day of my full-time job and I think I will have a very hard yet fun career ahead of me.
As one writer told me, what I will get in the company is “training by abandonment.” He said I should not expect them teaching me what I should do. I should be the one asking. That’s no problem for me since I think I’m still in my best foot forward mode and I plan to keep it for as long as I’m with them.
I’m just really proud to be part of the company, learning of their awards and recognitions locally and internationally. I’m very excited to contribute to our company’s continuous success.
Well that’s it. I am Billie Bautista, writer for Corporate Image Dimensions.

What do you think?

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