Another Aquino era

I am not a Noynoy Aquino supporter. Personally, I don’t think he is capable enough of leading the whole country. But that does not mean that I won’t be a law-abiding citizen now that he’s in position. Maybe I’ll just be extra critical on his decisions and actions.

I’ve read in some posts before that the country’s history can be best summarized by the prominent people who made a change, good or bad, for the country, hence the Magsaysay era, Marcos era, Aquino era, and the Arroyo era.

Stepping into a tainted and shattered-glass-filled shoes of presidency left by now Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo, I think Noynoy, or PNoy as he prefers to be called, may need all the support he can get. From solving all the issues that arose during the nine-year presidency of Arroyo, to the much needed justice of all the political killings during her time, one cannot stop hoping that PNoy will indeed be true to his words and promises during his campaign and will truly enforce action to solve some problems and bring justice to people.

Another era has begun. It is premature to say that he will not do any good to this country, because even those perceived as the most evil rulers of the country, Marcos and Arroyo, did great things as presidents. But it is also wrong to say that PNoy is the same as his parents. For one, his parents are totally different. While Ninoy Aquino is considered a modern hero for his action and struggle to fight for freedom during the martial law years, former President Cory Aquino was just the face of successful people power revolution that put an end to the rule of the Marcoses. As president, she is said to be bland and flat. Free from major controversies, yes,  but she wasn’t also able to do significant things for the country.

It is time for PNoy to finally enlighten everyone on who he really is as a politician. He cannot carry the name of his parents all the time. Later on, he will be judged not as the son of Ninoy and Cory, but as the President of the Philippines.

Another Philippine era has begun. But one thing remains the same. The Filipinos are still hopeful that they will be able to feel the real change that they need.

Six years may not be enough to full bring upon change, as what PNoy said himself. But for me six years are more than enough to start acting on the change we need, on the change that he promised.

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