Missing UAAP

During my senior year in college, I worked as a part-time Media Relations officer for UAAP, as my favoreite professor and thesis adviser handles the media relations of the whole UAAP. What I basically did was get the halftime and endgame score sheets and distribute them to the writers and reporters. That was such an easy job, plus I get to watch all games that I wanted to see including almost all UP games, the two ADMU-DLSU games.

Now that another season begins, I cannot help but envy my friend who was granted a media pass. She now works for an online publication. If only I accepted the job my professor gave me, then I now have an all-access pass to all UAAP games.

But hey that envy is not enough for me to regret my decision to accept the job I have now because doing this job is a big help to my morale. Why? Because I know that I worked hard for this position. I was rejected by CID (the company I work for now) once, then they hired me as a part-time writer, and finally absorbed me as a full-time writer.

I guess this is one decision in my life that I am proudest of. It is true that I could’ve gotten a job without any difficulties if I worked for my professor. But I won’t be fulfilled as a hopeful and aspiring person who wants to achieve things step by step, with hard work and full determination.

I guess I’ll just have to watch UAAP games on TV, and just pay for my tickets. Besides, I now have my own money to pay for those.


What do you think?

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