I guess Mama really loves me

Just yesterday, Mama have been waiting for Mel and Joey because the show featured the full-body check-up of Mel Tiangco. She wanted to find out the results because one of the tests conducted to Mel was the endoscopy where a camera was inserted to a body through the mouth. Mama said that’s what her doctor asked her to go through but she’s just too afraid.

While watching the show, I told Mama and Papa that Ian went through the same operation. Papa then already went to their room to sleep. Mama stayed with me in the living room to watch Taken. While watching I was surprised with what Mama asked me.

Mama: Kailan nagkasakit si Ian?

Billie: Matagal na po.

Mama: OK na ba sya?

Billie: Opo.

I was surprised that Mama asked if Ian is okay. Mama knows that I’m gay. And she also knows that Ian and I are together. But I also know that she’s not totally okay with it, nor is she against it. But what truly makes me happy is her concern for Ian. The incident above was not the first time Mama surprised me.

Last year, Ian and I joined an interschool advertising competition. Ian and I qualified to the specific categories we joined in, me in Print category and Ian in TV category. We were also finalists in Online Choice category.

When I got home from my dormitory, I just entered the house when Mama told me this.

Mama: Binoto na kita dun sa contest mo.

Billie: Thank you po.

Mama: Alin ba dun yung kay Ian? Yung Lego na nauubos?

Billie: Opo.

Mama: Binoto ko din yun.

She may not totally agree with my decisions, but I think Mama knows I know what I am doing, and I am very happy with Ian.

I guess Mama really loves me.

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