On Starbucks and Call Center Agents


During my third year in college, I was in the same Communication Research 101 class with my friends Dannah, Chui, and Pau. CR101 is a prerequisite subject of Journalism 199 (Thesis proposal). This was our only Monday class for that semester. And sad to say, it was not worth the Monday sickness.

So to reward ourselves for still attending the class despite the awful performance of our performance, we promised ourselves to do something fun after, or even during the class. There was this one time we ditched class and went to Bulacan to buy chicharon. Dannah’s grandparents’ house is just beside a chicharon “factory.” It was also during that semester that they introduced me to Jack’s Loft cheesecakes.

Then there were those times that we somehow got “addicted” to Starbucks that we go to TriNoma just to hang out in Starbucks. Well personally, I’m not a Starbucks fan. I’m not a coffee person to begin with. But maybe, it grew on me because I get to have it with my friends.

Well anyway, after sometime I decided to launch the I (AND MY WALLET) HATE  STARBUCKS campaign. Well basically, everytime someone asked me to join them in Starbucks, I said ‘no.’ Why? Because its financially draining and fat gaining.

Fortunately, I was successful at keeping Starbucks out of my system.


Some time last year, Dannah and I decided to try out our luck at being call center agents. It was in May, when we were busy juggling out Rizal and our internship when we went to Convergys Commonwealth Ave. and applied. One of our groupmate in Rizal was already working in Convergys so he referred us. The most frustrating part was the waiting for the initial interview. We were already at the recruitment center by 9:30 am. We were called for the initial interview some two hours after.

The initial interview was a funny experience for both of us. There were five us being interviewed in a room. I remember how both of us stuttered while speaking. But hey, we got through the next part, which is the computer examination. I think I was one of the first few to finish early for that part. The proctor even asked me to skip one part of the exam for reasons I did not know. He also asked me to do the typing exam twice because he thought that the computer calculated wrong because I got a fairly high score. Well he was wrong, because I got even a higher score when I tried the exam again. So there, we were asked to wait outside for our final interview.

We were interviewed separately. It went quite well for both of us because we were both hired as part-time agents.

We both should be happy that we were both accepted but what made us decide not to accept the job was the “bond” that we were supposed to pay if ever we do not finish the contract. Not that we had any plans of breaching the contract, it’s just that we’re afraid we wouldn’t be able to finish it because we were supposed to start June, the same semester we took our thesis proposal subject. So by the third or fourth month, we would be busy finishing our thesis proposal. So there while waiting for a jeep back to UP, we both decided not to accept the job. I think we just wasted a day that could’ve added 8 hours to our internship requirement.

The pay was really tempting, making you forget your health and social life. I don’t quite remember why I decided to apply. Maybe I just really wanted more money.

Oh I forgot to tell you that this call center adventure happened right after the semester where we almost went to Starbucks every Monday. So maybe that’s my motivation — to earn all the money I wasted drinking overrated coffee.

My point really? Nothing. I was just reminded about this part of my life because of this certain person who used to work as a barista at Starbucks and is now as a customer service representative for Convergys. I am just disappointed with myself because he was successful at making me look down at myself, like he’s a greater person than I am. He can speak English fluently than I can. He can know several other languages. He can know the recipe for the coffee I was once addicted with. He can do the job I once applied in. He can know deeper metaphors than I can. But he can never be greater than me. Because he doesn’t have the one person I know he still WANTS and LOVES.

2 thoughts on “On Starbucks and Call Center Agents

  1. I actually miss our Starbucks moments. I know you do, too. Remember we went there when Manuel ditched his birthday lunch treat from me because of a stupid electric fan. HAHAHA. Meeeh.

  2. @Chu I don’t miss our Starbucks moments. I just miss you, period. (too cheesy)

    Pero kelangan talaga nabibring up sya? You still ahven’t texted me the details yet pero nabasa ko naman na post mo tungkol dun

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