Money talk

My life depends on this plastic swipe-y thing now.
After I got my first pay, my parents basically stopped giving me money because I now earn my own money. and even though I know I still have the privilege of asking them for money, my conscience starts bugging me. I just don’t think I can just easily live on my own, money-wise. I still have to develop that certain trait where you can stop yourself from doing (buying) unnecessary things. Oh yes, self discipline.
And I still think that my pay is small for my accustomed lifestyle. Its either I demand for a higher pay, which is impossible at this moment, save up, also quite impossible, or drastically change my lifestyle. I think the last option’s the only choice I have.
And these awesome movies, Inception and Sorcerer’s Apprentice, aren’t helping at all. Add to that my endless wishlist that entails enormous amount of money.
I just hope that I can still ask money from my parents anytime, just like in college, and earning at the same time.
Or maybe I can just hope for a simpler lifestyle and contentment in life.

What do you think?

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