I’m back

After a  few days of illness and misdiagnosis, I’m back. Well actually, I’m already up and running again two days ago.

Thursday last week when I had fever. I underwent CBC and urinalysis to see what’s really wrong. We consulted to Dr. Balgomera, our first time to do so, for her to read the results. We waited for her for almost an hour. SHe said that we should monitor my blood platelet count because there’s a dengue fever outbreak in the country (I am not aware of any cases in our area). She asked me to drink vitamin C, and Tylenol for the fever.

I again had two platelet count test the following day, and my count continued decreasing, making me and my parents believe that I had dengue. But I am not showing any other signs of dengue. By this time, mama was texting Dr. De Los Santos, my pediatrician for more than 10 years now, asking when we can consult her.

It was not until Saturday, after consulting Dr. De Los Santos, that we found out that I had UTI as shown in the first CBC results. Obviously, Dr. Balgomera overlooked that detail. My pedia also said that the bacteria was almost gone may be because I was drinking a lot of fluids (four liters of water + gatorade) the day before.

Anyway, I’m back to work since Monday. I was actually a bit scared that the company axed me for being absent for two days and I am just on my first month of work. But thank God, I still have my comfy chair and cubicle.

I can’t say that I’m totally okay now, after the headaches that I got these past two days.

I can’t wait to see my boyfriend again. We haven’t seen each other for more than a week now. We were supposed to watch Inception last Saturday, but damn UTI. I think we’ll see each other this Friday and finally get to watch Inception. I miss him so much.

So I’m back on my feet. I just hope I won’t get sick again in the near and far future.

What do you think?

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