On dressing up

It has always been my wish and my goal to stuff my closet with nice clothes — those that I can wear casually but will pass as a decent office attire, since I’m working now.
When I look at my clothes now, I realized majority were gifts, hence taking away my chances at choosing the designs, etc. That’s why about 90% of my tops are shirts, very casual shirts. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just  that I don’t necessarily want to go to office wearing shirts. I can pass as a college student if you happen to see me walking around Makati. Shirt — Jeans — Sneakers — Backpack.
I have no problem with my current pairs of jeans. I  think it’s appropriate to wear them in our office since the set-up is that formal.
Well anyway, I am now used to wearing super casual attire in the office and apparently, my officemates are used to seeing me in casual clothes. That’s why when I decided to “dress up” a little, two of my officemates already asked my why I’m all dressed up. I’m just wearing my lone white long sleeve polo from Penshoppe, jeans, and loafers my uncle sent me. For reference, look at the photo below.
all images grabbed from Google. not the actual clothes

Am I considered “dressed up” with this attire? I don’t think so. They’re just so used to seeing me in casual shirts and jeans.
I want to change the way I dress. I’m not in college anymore. I’m a “professional”. I think it’s high time for me to really do something on my goal.

I promise myself to but at least one top every pay day. I already started last pay day where I bought a collared shirt from Penshoppe again.

And hey, it’s my birthday in two weeks time Maybe my good old friends can give me new clothes. Haha

What do you think?

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