High hopes this August

I believe August is my month, simply because it is my birth month. Whether or not I get the most blessings of the year during this month, I don’t know.

August this year also officially ends my teenage years. Yet, I still don’t feel and act like my age. I believe I’m still very immature in terms of my decisions and preferences.

I don’t usually hope for great things to happen during my birth month but I hope that this year will be different because of several reasons. First, I have job. I hope to buy myself a new phone for my birthday, using my salary, with the help of my parents of course. Having a job also gave me new friends. My officemates are really great people. They’re laid back and so fun to be with. Second, many of my friends have jobs. I can actually demand for gifts now that they’re earning. Haha. Third, my college organization now has several members so I’m kind of hoping that they chip in to buy me a gift. And last, I have a love life! Yey! It’s my second birthday with someone I really love. I’m not expecting for grand gifts but I’m kind of hoping for a little surprise.

In short, I am hoping…expecting to get quite a number of gifts this year.

Also, August is also my second month at work. I can now say that I am comfortable being with my officemates and being in the office five times a week. I hope my relationship with them gets better and that I won’t get sick this month or forever.

I hope this is a good August for me. If you’re reading this, you can refer to my wishlist in my sidebar to give you an idea of what to give me for my birthday. Thank you!


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