Inception and Butterfly Effect


Ian and I watched Inception last night at Greenbelt 3. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie because I have been reading great reviews on the movie and my friends and my officemates who already watched the movie seemed to love it.

The movie was a great mind fuck. Kudos to Christopher Nolan. It got me thinking after watching the movie although the middle part of the movie went pretty smooth for me, not much confusing scenes and details. It’s just the ending that really got me.

My verdict? It was a good movie but did not have that lasting effect on me, At least not like what it did to my friends. I also think that seeing my friends’ reaction made me expect A LOT.

But hey, it’s still worth the money and the time. It’s still worth the watch. But sadly, it won’t make my favorites list.

I watched The Butterfly Effect again for God knows how many times already. I have it on VCD. I remember I only bought it because it has the “No. 1 movie in America” seal on it.
This movie really gives me the creeps and still makes me cringe. This for me is THE total mind fuck. The emotions are just overflowing and make me feel as if it’s always my first time to watch it.
The premise is simple: He wants to save her by going back in time and change the past. But little did he know that every time he tries to change a thing, the whole present and future changes — either for the better or for the worse.
This movies spawned to other “Butterfly Effects” but I never watched them. Based on reviews, they are not that great as the first one so I think I’m settled with this first installment.
This is definitely number one on my suspense/thriller-drama genre of favorite movies. I want to watch it again.

What do you think?

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