August wrap-up and the Ber months

So August went by smoothly, almost.

I just turned twenty. I think I blogged about this so, yeah.

It’s been two months since I started working. So far so good. I can really say that I’m comfortable working with my officemates now. But still, I get conscious on what I wear. I know they notice I repeat wearing the same clothes almost every other week. Fail.

I still haven’t saved any amount of money yet. Though this isn’t much of a big deal since I only started working a couple of months back. But hello, Christmas is coming and that means your inaanaks hounding you for their aguinaldos. I think I’ll still need mama’s help on this one.

I’m single. This time it’s for real. I initiated the break-up for reasons that sometimes I don’t even understand. I know it’s what’s best for us. But I still love him, and I know that he knows. I really want us to be great friends, best of friends if possible.

So there goes my birth month, ghost month.

Now on to the Ber months. The moment September stepped in, I am reminded that I really need to save up for so many things — new clothes for Christmas, gifts, gimmicks with friends. But I just can’t find the urge and determination to actually start saving up.  I guess I just have to allot my December salary solely for Christmas.

Oh, before I forget, I think I’m really sticking to my diet “plan.” No rice for lunch, and no dinner everyday! I’m on my second month. Hopefully, I’ll see a big difference by December. Yey to determination. And thanks to Carl Guevarra, forever my inspiration.


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