A PLUs to life

I’ve only learned about that term when I crossed upon Corporate Closet’s (CC) site last week. It stands for People Like Us. A relatively new term that pertains to the gay community.

I think I really need to start friendships with PLUs. Not that my current friends do not suffice. It’s just that most of them are women, a few men, majority are straight, and I just can’t talk to them about certain things that I think I’ll feel comfortable telling my PLU friends. I would also love to have friends who I can seek advice from. Plus I always here my friends saying that they’re lucky to have PLU friends, including me I hope, because they make their lives more fun. So I want to experience what it feels like having PLU friends. And Judging by CC’s blog posts about his friends, I think it’s really fun. I would love to experience those. Plus I know they’ll understand my issues and provide answers to questions that still bother me know.

Also I’m starting to believe that expanding my PLU network will widen my chances of meeting the person for me. I usually hear and read about relationships that started because they have common friends, meeting in one occasion, hitting it off, and then falling in love. So in hopes of meeting that person meant for me, I thought having PLU friends may help increase my chances.

Now, how and where to find these PLU friends that will make my life more colorful and … gay?


What do you think?

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