The perfect story

I have yet to write my perfect short story. Something inspired by a factual incident; something full of emotions. A story that someone won’t read, but rather someone will feel..

I have yet to write that perfect love story. I still need to find that inspiration.

Once I finish writing it, I will post it online and let everyone experience the story.

I have yet to write my perfect short story.


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  1. define colorful. ang cute ng layout mo. parang gusto kong kumain ng jellybeans tuloy.

    and yes, please share your perfect love story. para mainspire ako. ayee. 🙂

  2. BSB says:

    @taguansawaitingshed perfect short story kasi. hindi naman ibig sabihin factual. LOL. meron na kong nagawa na medyo proud ako. inspired ng 2 tumblr users.

  3. cool! good luck naman diyan! 😀

    1. Babble Boy says:

      thanks! pero wait medyo nagulat ako na natunton mo tong blog ko. how? and taga maskom ka din at freshie so hindi mo na ko naabutan.

  4. Hi BB,

    Look forward to reading them when the come available. Love the idea of feeling a story – where writer and reader merge.

    Even more – hope you get some inspiration,


  5. naukhezster says: please read my blog, i will appreciate your comment… A newbie(need inspiration)

  6. vincitore117 says:

    Grt……all the best………I am trying to write short stories too……I have published one . You may read it in the website given.

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