Muli (2010)
Directed by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Starring Sid Lucero, Cogie Domingo

I’ve been looking forward to watching this film because of the controversy it faced with the MTRCB. It was first rated X by the board because of its explicit sex scenes. The men behind the movie asked the board to do a second review, and finally, it was given a R-18 rating.

The screenplay used for the movie was a Carlos Palanca Awards recipient for the Dulang Pampelikula “Screenplay” this year.

I was expecting so much from this film because of the creative geniuses that helped create the movie.

Finally, I was able to watch it earlier. I have to be honest, it was not a great film. I am still at awe with “Daybreak,” a 2008 movie also helmed by Direk Alix. I was able to watch it yesterday when a friend gave me a copy of the film. Muli wasn’t able to relay as much emotions as Daybreak did.

Also the story, for me, was quite unoriginal. I swear I have seen it in past movies tackling the same theme of affairs, betrayal, and lasting love. The film ended happily, though unrealistic in a Filipino family setting. You just couldn’t see it happening in a regular Filipino family nowadays.

The movie used political timestamps to mark the transition of the film for it spanned fifteen or so years. The political subplot of the film was somehow irrelevant. The story could’ve stood up for itself without. I think the writers wove that subplot in the story to fill in the gaps between those years that the characters have waited to be reunited again. Issues regarding politics were only raised during conversations but the concept of politics did not affect the love story of the two main characters. It did not cause even a conflict or issue for the relationship.

The editing for me wasn’t that crisp and lacking with purpose. It was like cut and paste. The cinematography wasn’t astounding. In fact, there were some awkward shots that no matter how much I tried to look at it in an artistic view, I just couldn’t find a reason why the scene had to be captured that way.

The actors are good. Sid Lucero performed the best. He was able to show complex emotions and sincerity in his acting. Cogie Domingo was also good although he was given a more subtle and laid back role as compared to Sid’s role, but he still delivered. The support cast was also able to help emphasize the emotions between the two main characters.

I must say that it is still worth the P120 ticket, if only for actors’ performances and the fact that it tackled homosexuality in a decent, non-erotic way. But Direk Alix has done way better films than this one.


What do you think?

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