Last Friday, my head writer, Ms. Maricar, and our director for operations, Ms. Maite, discussed to me their evaluation on my three-month work.

I was kind of confident because I know I did quite well and I get along with them just fine. And I was right.

  • Above-average general performance
  • Very diligent, never absent without valid reason
  • Never late (although I said that there were a couple of times that I was late)
  • Very good writing (I know! I’m also surprised as hell!)
  • I’m more adept in feature writing than straight news writing (Well yes, thanks to Ma’am Rara’s 1.0 grade on my “Vegie Sisig” feature article. LOL)
  • I NEED TO IMPROVE A LOT ON HEADLINE WRITING. Go UP, revoke my Journalism degree. I can’t even get my headlines right. Ma’am Simbulan, I failed you. LOL

Ms. Maricar also told me that she recommended for my regularization and salary adjustment. Ms. Maite backed this recognition and told me that they will submit these recommendations to our managing director. Ms. Maricar said that I am already regular “in principle.”

I just hope that everything goes smoothly and Sir Larry will sign my regularization.


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