CAUTION: This post contains obscene words

Pardon me for this post but I just really need to let this out.

Feel free not to read this one and save yourself from my misery.


I think I can now officially say that I am depressed. One of my friends told me that you are considered depressed only if you’re feeling sad and lonely for twelve straight days. Hell, I’m feeling like this for a month now. So yeah, I’m fucking depressed.

And because of several reasons. For one, I miss my friends so much. Party Animals, College friends, JCers. I miss them all.

And then there’s what they call ZERO LOVE LIFE. I can live with zero sugar, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, but not with zero love life. I quite vividly remember that I am at the same state I’m in now, three years ago, when I would cry myself to sleep every night.

Oh, and did I mention that my ex-partner is already in love with someone else? Apparently the three-month rule doesn’t apply to us. I know I was the one who ended the relationship. But hell, You’re so fucking fast in finding a replacement. I hate you.

I hate my life right now.


What do you think?

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