It’s time I raise the white flag

I concede. I miss you (this you know). I still think of you everyday. Somehow, without you making an effort, you’re the only person I constantly think about everyday.

I told my friend that maybe, it is the feeling I miss, not you. Maybe it is the feeling that I want, not you. But if that’s true, how come I don’t entertain the same feeling being offered by others? Oh right, because they are not you.

Someone asked me out yesterday. To be honest, I was flattered. It’s been a while since someone actually asked me out, just the two of us. I ~*announced*~ it on Twitter not to brag or make my friends jealous, but to see if you would react. And I hate how you seemed to ignore that fact. Hey, your ex-boyfriend was asked out by someone not you. Aren’t you jealous, perplexed, or even just bothered by it?

I smile every time I see you online. I try to think of a topic that will make you converse with me just like you used to. And then you talk to me, my heart beats faster. Just when I thought we could be like what we used to, you rant how you miss him. How suddenly, you relapsed and think that you still love him. I forgot how you found a new love months after we broke up.

Just so you know, it hurts like hell. Until now. Maybe it hurts even more that it should because I know that it was my fault why we ended.

And just so you know, I am not sad because I’m single. I’m sad because I’m not with you.


What do you think?

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