McDonald’s and touching Pinoy hearts

It’s a wonder how advertisements  make us feel all giddy and mushy, or even have us laughing in its 30-second airing.

In the Philippines, advertising companies have made very few advertisements/commercials that were remarkable and memorable. The latest is McDonald’s “Girlfriend mo na ba ‘ko?” TV spot.

Below are some of the TV advertisements that I think made a mark in our minds and hearts.

McDonald’s “First Love”

McDonald’s “Karen”

McDonald’s “Kanlungan”

PLDT NDD “Suportahan Taka”

Coca-Cola “Live Positively”

Coca-Cola “Para sa”*

Coca-Cola “Tara na. Kasama ka.”*

Coca-Cola “Coke ko ‘to”

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton “Ano gagawin ko?”*

Nido 3+ “Expose, Explore, Experience”

Jollibee “Novena”*

Jollibee “Busy”*

Jollibee “Coming Home”

Nescafe “Manifest/Bangon”


* – Not the advertisement’s real title

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