Holy Week trip 2011: Batangas

I spent half of Holy Wednesday to morning of Good Saturday in Batangas with Baby, his best friend (who had his birthday on Holy Wednesday) and his best friend’s partner.

I’ve been itching to blog about it since I arrived home but I just couldn’t because I don’t have the photos of the trip. I think it is a mortal sin for a blogger not to have a camera ready all the time. All the photos of the trip are with Baby’s best friend and his partner.

Oh well, I’ll try to write about it once I get hold of the photos, if I still have the will to do so.

Just to sum things up, here’s what we did:

  1. Holy Wednesday: Celebrated Bay’s best friend’s birthday at their home
  2. Maundy Thursday: Went to Ang Pulo
  3. Good Friday: Went to Caleruega church
    Drove by Taal, Batangas
    Had dinner in Tansioco’s, which serves a heavenly Crispy                                   Pata

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