The things I do

For my friends

Prove to me that you’re worth it, and I assure you I go out of my way just to help you and make you happy.

I have a lot of friends. They have my trust and I hope I have theirs. But we must admit, there are some that are closer to us that we do things we don’t normally do to our friends.

This post may sound self-centered and boastful, but who cares. I miss my friends and I really miss doing stuff like these to them.

  1. I have this super friend who I first met in college. Let’s name her Bigoli. One semester when we were still in college, she wasn’t able get any subjects online. She asked me if I can accompany her. I was finished getting subjects that time so I went with her. We went to almost all buildings in our university just to check if there are subjects that she can enroll in. And I tell you, our university is big — REALLY BIG. Bigoli and I would go to every college there is in our university and climb the stairs just to check. I guess we were really lucky that time because we got her enough units for her to be able to enroll that semester. We capped that day by eating at our favorite restaurant that serves one of the bests pesto in town — Bigoli.She also did not have a laptop during that time and without hesitation, I would lend her mine for her to finish her papers, even if it meant that I have to finish my own requirements ahead of time.I really miss her. We planned on taking up masteral courses. She’s doing it now. I know she’ll nail it. I always had faith in her!
  2. I met one of my best friends in college. I’ll call her  Molave Girl. I first met her when she applied in our organization. We soon became dorm mates.I remember one night she was really, really sad and she wanted company. And accompany her I did. We stayed at our dorm lobby until dawn. She was just telling me her problems.I can say that Molave Girl was in most of my favorite moments in college.  We would go out and roam around our campus together and we would share jokes and sob stories.

    I love this girl. I would kill for this girl. And I miss her so much.

  3. As much as possible, I won’t drink (alcoholic stuff, of course). I just don’t see it necessary. People can bond without drinking. It just brings headaches and unwanted trips to the CR or the bucket.One night when I was still in college, Bigoli and another female friend of mine, Atty, wanted to drink. I couldn’t exactly remember if there was an occasion or something.

    One drink followed another and before we knew it we already consumed 5 pitchers of drinks. Of course we didn’t drink them all, others were with us. The point is I was really drunk that night but I really contained myself. The reason being I felt that I have to take care of my girls since we were with men that we only met that night and I couldn’t allow anything to happen to my friends. NEVER on my watch. So there, I sucked it all up, tried to stay sober  until I knew that they were safe home.

    What happened the morning after? Well let’s just say I had a heart to hear conversation with our dorm toilet bowl.

    I love them both so much. I do. And I really miss them both. Our “threesome” in college were one of my most cherished memory.

I hope I get the chance to see all my friends soon. I miss them. I hope they miss me too.

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