Yesterday, I tried to surprise baby with an online letter I posted here.  But that wasn’t the only surprise yesterday.

At around 2 pm, baby said that they’ll have a meeting at 4 pm, which was then moved to 3 pm. I told him I was sad because I get to see him at around 5 pm but knowing office meetings, it ends late. He logged out at around 3 pm. By 4pm he tweeted me that I should shutdown my computer already. I replied saying that I don’t get to leave until 5 pm. He tweeted again saying that someone was waiting for me at Mini Stop at our building lobby. I rushed down, without properly shutting down my computer and without saying a word to my officemates. I used the stairs and lo and behold, no one I know was there. I thought he was still walking or maybe he was just pulling a prank. But he came eventually.

I told him how anti-climactic his being late was, but the effort was so much appreciated. I told him how wide my smile was while I was going down the stairs.

He then told me that we were to go somewhere. He didn’t want to tell me at first but I guessed it right. He wanted to bring me to UP because I miss Jenina, one of my bestest friends.

Cutting the story short, we were able to meet with Jenina. We ate at Sefali at Brgy. Krus Na Ligas. Unfortunately, baby didn’t exactly like the food he ordered (grilled liempo). We then went to Moonleaf because baby wanted his daily dose of bubble tea.

We ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea and Yakult Jasmine Tea. Both tasted good but did not exactly appeal my taste buds. When I ordered, I forgot I was not a fan of milk tea. Hehe. I still enjoyed the drink though.

Moonleaf milk teas. Baby liked it. It was okay for me

It was great catching up with Jenina. It was as if we just saw each other a few days ago. I missed her so much. And she told me she felt the same. Awww.

Thank you baby for this sweet “surprise.” And thank you for treating Jenina and I. I love you so much.


* * * * * * * *

I was supposed to talk about another thing in this post but I though it would just ruin the happy mood of this entry. 🙂



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