Inventing Shadows and my love for The Voice’s Dia Frampton

The Voice, the show baby and I watched religiously since it began, had its finale this week. It was too short for me but I guess that’s how it really was for a test-run of a new show.

I have to say that The Voice is probably the most refreshing singing competition right not. What set it apart from other competitions was its coaches, different from the usual ‘judges’ from Idol or X-Factor.

Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton

Among the four coaches — Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton — Blak has got to be my favorite. It was so evident how he got attached with his team, especially with his top 2, Dia and Xenia.

Team Blake

While Vicci seemed to be the crows favorite (even my close friend Jean rooted for her), it was Dia who really got me.

Dia Frampton

It’s sad that she didn’t win but I think Javier had an advantage knowing that his coach, Adam, is waaaay more popular than Blake so maybe Adam’s fans voted for him. Well anyway, I’m still happy though that Dia placed second, with only 2% separating them. Also, Dia’s songs also did great in terms of iTunes sales, her original song ‘Inventing Shadows’ landing to No. 1 after the performance night.

Baby and I were always amused to see her shy demeanor everytime she appeared on screen. But once she started singing, we just couldn’t help but be amazed. Her tone, her nuances, and the way she made the songs her own were just great. I also love how Blake made her more comfortable on stage.

I love the original song she sang for the finals. It was the best song that night for me (okay, okay, I maybe a little biased here since she sang the song, but hey, it is a lot better than the insomniac song of Vicci. Peace).


One thought on “Inventing Shadows and my love for The Voice’s Dia Frampton

  1. Vicci forever!!!!!!

    Yeah Dia’s original song is great. Heck, it’s on loop right now. She’s really talented. But for me, Vicci has more heart and soul. She’s a warrior! Plus, her original songs are great! Check our please!

    (Also, I’m torn that Bieber might have helped Javier to win with all his campaigning. Oh well.)

    But yeah, Dia’s cool, too. Peace! HAHA

    Wait for my fangirl letter to Vicci. I’ll walk through hell and fire to get her to read it I swear.

    Love and light,


    P.S. LOL

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