May August be good to me

Finally, it’s August.

This month I take a huge step in my life as I end one chapter and start a new one. This month, I will humbly accept that I am already, officially, an adult.


As some of you may know, (well, most of you wouldn’t know as most of my blog visits are because of the Rio movie poster I used in one of my entries) I will turn 21 this month. Yup. It is my debut. And while a man’s debut isn’t as celebrated compared to that of a woman’s, it still is pretty special.

I am not expecting anything grand to happen on my birthday this year. The supposedly Coron trip with my baby will not push through so basically, I have nothing to look forward to on my birthday.

The money that I should be using for the trip will now be spent for a new closet, because the one baby and I are using is really giving up on us day by day.

Part of the money will also be saved for my studies next year. Now, as to which (MBA or Multimedia Arts) I will pursue first is still undecided.

This is also my first birthday with my baby so this is extra special nevertheless. I wonder what he will give me. Hmm. I don’t really care whether he gives me anything or none at all. I just want to celebrate my birthday with him.

A few months back, I started telling my relatives and friends that I PREFER CASH as gifts, because, simply put, I need them. So I hope I get to receive lots of them. But of course, we all know that’s just wishful thinking.

As for my gift for myself, while I still plan on buying something as a remembrance for my 21st birthday, the real gift I want to give myself is a new job. I am really frustrated now that it has been months since I started applying and I still do not have a new one. I am slightly ultra mega jealous that baby has a new job and coincidentally, today is his first day.

Wow, this post sucks. I guess I just want to post something for my birth month. I really hope this month turns out great in all aspects of my life.


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