Rallie goes to Baguio: Day 1

*’Rallie’ is a combination of our names


12:15 am, August 15, 2011. Aboard a Victory Liner Deluxe bus no. 1, Baby and I were on our way to Baguio. It was my first time to go there while it was his fourth. I did not want to sleep on our way but I was really sleepy so I just decided to sleep right away while we’re still in Manila so that I’ll be awake by the time were near our destination and get to enjoy the night view.

I awoke around 3:20 am with the sight of baby sleeping soundly in his seat with a jacket wrapped around him, and the lights illuminating the night.

We arrived in Baguio at around 5 am, three hours earlier than what baby told our hotel. From the bus terminal, we rode a taxi to Paladin Hotel in Abanao Extension. Since we arrived too early and the hotel check-in time was 8 am, we just dropped off our bags and decided to walk first.

From the hotel we walked the still quiet and dim streets of Baguio looking for an open fast food restaurant. Unfortunately for us, all McDonalds and Jollibee outlets were closed. The only store we saw open was Chowking.

While waiting for the 8am check-in time, I had wanton mami and siopao for breakfast. Baby had the longganisa meal

At around 6:30, we decided to go to Burnham Park. Baby said that it was known for the abundant flora and fauna but when we went there, it wasn’t what we both expected, though there were still flowers. There were several people jogging and exercising. The Park is also known for its “swan lake.” I told baby that I wanted to try that but he said he didn’t want to and of course I wouldn’t want to paddle the thing by myself so that didn’t happen.

Baby had me pose for the obligatory shot at all the Baguio destinations. This was the first one.

Our next stop was the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. By this time I was so sleepy and tired that I think I asked baby if we could visit it later that day after we rest. We went to the Session Road entrance of the cathedral and we were greeted by a very long plight of stairs. We braved it of course. There was a mass going on so we just stayed there for a while to pray.

The steps to the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. My first exercise for the day
There was a mass when we got there so this shot was just stolen

It was at last 8 am. We checked in our hotel, got our room keys and settled in to rest. The room baby got had no air conditioner but it was fine, the weather was cold anyway. We just fixed our things then plunged in to the bed and slept. We awoke past noon. I was already hungry but we did not move from our positions and we just couldn’t seem to leave the bed. Finally, mustering all the will we had, we got up, took a bath, then went to look for a place to have a late lunch.

Baby while we were looking for a place to have our late lunch

We wanted to try Oh My Gulay as it was highly recommended by our friends. It was located at the Azutea building in Session Road. But we were not able to find it! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, We walked the whole of Session Road (both the upper and lower(?) parts) but we were not able to find it.

We were both so hungry that time so we just decided to eat some place else. We chose O Mai Khan, another restaurant recommended by one of our friends.

Another obligatory shot. It wasn't that cold when we went there, hence the outfit

It was a restaurant offering Asian food mainly. The place was simply decorated yet it still looked very classy. And as most of you would know, Baguio has such a cold weather that most establishments there do not need air conditioning and just opt to have the fresh air breeze through the whole place.

The Conqueror's Meal. Such a delicious dish

Since I was really hungry, I planned on eating a lot, hence I ordered The Conqueror’s Meal.

My meal was basically grilled pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy. It came with garlic rice and a vegetable side.

Agluto's Specialty. The shrimp were a bit too small for me but it was still yummy!

Baby ordered Agluto’s Specialty. It was a shrimp dish though I couldn’t remember how it was cooked. It came with a butter sauce with lime which made the dish more delicious.

Strawberry Sherbet. I loved this drink, it wasn't too sweet and it has soda in it, which gave the right amount of fizz to make this drink more delicious

We also ordered Strawberry sherbet, because well, Baguio is known for strawberries and I would like to taste products made from it.

All in all, the food we ate were great. We spent around P600+ in total.

After our uber late lunch, we again walked to SM Baguio.

You see, I believe SM has been successful in making itself part of every city where it is present and makes its malls part of that place’s tourism. As for this SM mall, I was curious to see it because it is the first open air mall in the country.

At one of the "viewing decks" of SM.

Well, when we got there it was like…any other SM Mall, except there was no air conditioning. We took a look at the shops then I asked Mon if I could play in Quantum, the arcade center of SM. I first played basketball and scored a measly 30+ points. Then I asked baby if we could play a game similar to Pang Pang Paradise. I was surprised that he agreed to playing with me because he never liked playing in an arcade ~house. We played twice and we won on both.

Afterwards, we walked to Baguio City Market to look for things to buy as souvenirs. I bought a Mikasan Choc’o flakes for our snacks in the hotel.

We planned on having dinner at Oh My Gulay but when we got there at around 8:30pm, they were already closed. So we just ate at Jim’s Retro Diner Instead. It is located at the basement of the La Azutea building where Oh My Gulay is.

Super Burger. I was only able to eat a quarter of eat. Baby ate half.

We ordered there Super Burger (~P290). It was really big, probably the size of a plate!

The burger was as big as my head!

The taste was good although they could’ve used a thicker burger patty for it to stand out more. The burger also came with thick-cut fries.

Uhm, yuck.

We also ordered onion rings (P80), which was really bad! I swear I can make far better and tastier onion rings. Do not ever try this.

After dinner, we returned to our hotel and drifted to sleep early because we planned on starting our next day early. Watch out for the 2nd day of Rallie at Baguio City!


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