Better late than never

I’ve been hearing about this two new American series but I blatantly decided not to watch them because they didn’t seem that appealing. But boy I was wrong.

Due to circumstances, I was left alone yesterday at our condo and this gave me the chance to try these series out. And I was amazed.


This show is basically about Jenna Hamilton, a high school girl who, because of a suicide attempt, suddenly became the center of her school’s attention. Following this incident is her quest on proving that she did not attempt to commit suicide, and her constant struggle to clear things out about her relationship with a high school jock.

This show is like a mash-up of Mean Girls and Easy A. Some may find the show dumb as it tackles some petty issues of a teenage girl, but once you get the hang of it, you will definitely enjoy its light and candid approach to teenage drama.

Here’s a collection of some scenes in the show:


The Good Wife


The Good Wife is some good shit. I spent half of yesterday watching this. I thought this would be boring but I was soooo wrong.

This is about Alicia Florrick, a wife of ex-State’s Attorney who got himself into a sexual controversy and then some forcing him to resign and be jailed. To provide for her family, Alicia returns to work as a junior associate in a law firm. Her husband’s background makes her work rough as many people are accusing her of being toyed by her imprisoned husband.

I love how every episode, they present a new case. This show is not that hard to follow. And although this is generally a serious court drama, I still find myself laughing in some scenes.

This is a good exercise for your brain.

Here’s the trailer:

I’m guessing they will be my company during the solo flight days come.




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