All the best. All the love. All the time.

It was a great one year and three months, to be honest. It was a good run I must say.

CID's new logo

And now I have to say goodbye.

My work at CID is not what you could call exciting. It was fun sometimes. But my work basically involved a chair, a table, a computer and an Internet.

I was a writer and Content Group officer for a PR and corporate communication company. I was at first very happy and excited about my job.

Celebrating my 20th birthday at the office

My daily work shift was from 7am to 4pm. And during my early months in the company, I was rarely late. I was also barely absent. Because I loved what I do. And I loved the people (I still do).

60th Palanca Awards

But as months progressed, unfortunately, my heart was slowly drifting away from my work. Suddenly, I was not working because I love what I do. I was just working because I had to.

But that did not mean that my outputs became sloppy during those time. I was a good employee. I think. But then my lates and absences became more frequent. They noticed it of course. My boss even talked to me about it.

2010 CID Christmas Party. Dan and I organized it

I admitted that I was looking for other opportunities outside the office. Because it was true. I just felt that it was time for me to try other things. That my time at CID was up.

I wouldn’t try to tell bad things about the company because they were a really a generally good company. Let me just put it this way. I just really had to leave. I don’t know if you guys ever felt that way. That you know that deep inside you, it wasn’t what you want anymore. You have your reasons and you must stick with it or else you would go crazy. It was not about the people in the company. It was more about myself and how I feel with what I was doing.

With Lou during CID's 18th anniversary. We were both writers. She now works for Contis

I would definitely miss my CID family. Yep, for a year, I’ve found a family in them. My boss was the best! She’s probably one of the best bosses in the world. She’s the one I would definitely miss the most.

(L-R) Lou, Dan, Kaye, Me. We all used to work for CID. Lou's now with Contis, Dan is with DDB, Kaye will work for Avon.

I would also miss our birthdays and lunch sessions where would talk about random things. And our managing director’s lecture on Philippine history was also always fun.

I would miss how we would always try to keep our collection of payments for the cake discreet even though everyone already knows that they’d get a cake for their birthday.

On our way to Tagaytay for company planning
Belting our hearts out during the annual company planning

I would miss how everyone was so honest in their comments — be it about work or personal life.

I would miss our CR. It was small but it was comfy. And I had my fair share of “talking to mother nature” in there. (TMI)

I would miss our old building and its uber slow elevator. It was my home for a year.

It was my first job. It would always have a special place in my heart.

Celebrating my 21st birthday at the office

But hey, it’s time for a new chapter of my professional life. I’m sure I will make new great memories with my new officemates.

On to my next great adventure!


The post title is a line/quote specially made by one of my bosses for me.


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