New stories

I’m currently working on new stories. Nothing close to being done. But let’s hope they all get there.

  • Three couples, three marriages — Basically about hurdles faced by newly weds. This has a problematic narrative. I still don’t know what narrative form to use to effectively convey the story. Plus, I thought about this a loooooooooooong time ago that I already forgot what I wanted to tell in the story. Sad.
  • Wake — Do you know how people only tell great things about you when you’re dead? I’m still developing the story. Hopefully I finish this one before the year ends. We’ll get to know the story of one person through the eyes of different people.
  • Male rape — This is my most ambitious story to date. I’ve read an article about the victims of male rape and I was inspired to do a story about it. But my partner said that this is a sensitive issue to tackle and that I need to interview and come in contact with victims in order to effectively tell the story. Now that would be hard. What I’m planning to do is consult a psychologist/psychiatrist to know more about what goes through the minds of the victims.
  • Found this in my stash of unfinished stories:

“It can happen anywhere.

It can happen in the most romantic places: In the bookstore while looking for the latest novel of your favorite author; in the grocery store while picking the freshest of vegetables; on the sidewalk while waiting for the pedestrian light to go green, or; in a record bar while listening to newest songs.

Or maybe it can happen in the most unromantic places: In the bath house while you’re cruising; in a rundown cinema showing an 80s sexy film; in the dark side of a park; in a discreet bar somewhere in the Metro.

Wherever you maybe and whatever it is you may be doing, if it happens, let it be. Because when you’ve found the one, it doesn’t matter if the place is worth a spread in a magazine. It doesn’t matter if the song playing depicts your story. And it certainly doesn’t matter if you’re both dressed for happily ever after. Once it happens, it happens. And when you let it pass, your chance may never come again.”

I don’t know what I was trying to write in this story. Poor me. But hey, I’ll still try to finish this one.

(Here’s to hoping that someday, one of my stories will be loved and recognized)

3 thoughts on “New stories

  1. I love and recognize your stories! 😀

    Hey I’m presenting myself as your agent! We’re gonna get you published one day. Seriously!


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