The Leading Man (and that time when I was still straight) Part 1


My friends tell me that I am overly (bordering on being pathetic) romantic. Well…they’re not lying.

What I will tell you here is one of the many instances that I channeled my inner romantic leading man in me. This is a long post so feel free to not read it. But for you Jean, Dindin, and Baby, I force you to read this. Haha.

As most of you know, I was straight back then. Haha. I had three girlfriends. I loved them all. Well I’m not sure if I really loved the first two. But I was really serious with the third.

I just came across a blog post and it made me remember that distant time in my life when I was involved in a love triangle and did one of romantic movies’ favorite scenes.

Are you familiar with the scene where the guy waits outside the girl’s house then it rains?

The same scene sort of happened to me before, only there was no rain. And something else happened.

I remember quite well when it happened. I was still a freshman at UP and I was still hung up on my 2nd ex-girlfriend (yes, friends, I’ve had past relationships with girls before).

This ex of mine (let’s call her G) and I lasted for only three months. Let me tell you how we met:

We met December 2005 during the time when I was overly sad because the current apple of my eye (yes, a girl and let’s call her A) dumped me even before I started courting her. So I tried my best to shif my attention to someone else. Then G came. She was gorgeous alright. I instructed their group for a speech choir competition. I was graduating in high school then. She was a sophomore.

We eventually started sending text messages with each other, which was first about school stuff that led to more sweet, flirty messages.

She was successful at diverting my feelings with A, who would eventually become my 1st girlfriend. But there was a catch.

She had a boyfriend at the time. Yup. A sophomore heartthrob. Plus there was this another handsome sophomore dude (I was still straight that time, I think.) that was also trying to court her.

Came January, she said she would break up with her boyfriend because her grades were being affected. Needless to say, I was happy that she would dump the other guy. Now I would only have to deal with that other suitor.

We were like that for about a month. When February came, A suddenly sent me a message telling that she still loves me and was willing to be with me.

To make the long, boring story short, A and I became an item. But that did not stop me from communicating G. We were all studying at the same school so I had to devise a way for me to spend enough time with both. Ha. Shoot me now.

And here was what I came up with:

– Morning recess went to A

– Lunch time went to G because A would always go home to have lunch while I stayed at school

– After classes went mostly to A when I would accompany  her home. But sometimes I would lie and tell her that I had to stay at school to do some school stuff when in fact I would just wait for G to finish whatever it was she was doing then we spend some time together.

But of course when you’re handsome (forgive me) and was the talk of the town (well, in this case, our school) because you’re apparently the boyfriend of one of the most sought-after girl in the school AND then you were also seen with another sought-after girl in the school, nothing would stay a secret for too long.

Needless to say, A found out about my sneaking around with G and broke up with me after two weeks of being together. Two weeks! Haha.

But I was fine. I still had G, anyway. And I also really liked her that time.

G and I were kids, we wanted everything fast forward. So a week after A and I broke up, G and I became a couple. When A found out about this, she was furious. If only stares would kill, I’d be long dead.

G and I would walk around campus like no controversy happened. The guy who also tried to court G was now looking at me like he was holding a gun and I was a target. G’s ex-boyfriend was worse.

We became a couple a month before classes ended so it was a bit hard for us to maintain the ~relationship during our vacation. Plus, I had no money then to visit her.

She broke up with me on our third month. I couldn’t remember her reason. But I was sure I felt bad. That was not a nice graduation gift to receive.

Months after, I was still hung up on her so I decided to rekindle our short-lived puppy love romance. She already had a new boyfriend that time. I told you she was sought-after.

This is the movie cliche. I’m sorry it took so long. Haha.

I decided to wait outside their house. She changed her number so I was not able to contact her. I just thought that she would go out of their house and would see me waiting.

Unlike what we usually see in the movies, there was no rain and it didn’t end in a kiss under the rain. In fact, it was not even near that.

I waited for hours. Around 3 to 4 hours when I decided to text my then-best friend/almost girlfriend (let’s call her R) and ask her to accompany me.

I couldn’t quite remember if it was R who told me that G’s family was not living at that house where I was waiting. Stupid right?! Haha. Hours of waiting put to waste. Well not really, because R knew the new village where G lived. We only had to know the exact address so we tried to think of someone we know who might also live there

And it was as if God was pulling tricks on me, we immediately though of one. A. Yup. My ex-girlfriend. I would’ve opted for one of my friends who was also living there but we were not on speaking terms that time.

No choice. We contacted A. Last I heard, she already forgave me so I guess she would help me. And she did. She knew where G lived and offered to accompany me there. Awwww. Sweet. LOL

I finally reached G’s new home. R rang the doorbell and asked for her. When she went out and saw me, she was hesitant to talk to us. R and A (Yup, A) talked to her first and I guess they convinced her to talk to me.

We talked. I tried to tell her that I still had feelings for her but to no avail. So the rumors were true, she already had a new boyfriend. And he was waaaaaaaaay uglier than me. Bitter? LOL. Of course, not. I am just being honest.]

So there. I left with a broken heart.  I was really devastated. I took me quite some time to get over her. Then I thought of the best way to move one: I tried to get back with A.

That failed, too. Plus, I think A plotted a pretty good revenge on me. She succeeded.



2 thoughts on “The Leading Man (and that time when I was still straight) Part 1

  1. Ang dami palang babae sa buhay (or past buhay or whatever) mo! It’s like drama, romance, and comedy all rolled into one. And I feel so much closer to you now that I know this story! MORE PLEASE! LOL

  2. hindi lumalabas ang new posts mo sa “blogs i follow” feed ko, asarr. so ngayon lang ako napadpad dito (ayan nagexplain pa ako). nahirapan akong magreminisce kung sinu-sino ang mga girlet mo noon ha. habulin ng chiks!! buti hindi ka nainlove sakin kahit na alam kong loveable ako. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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