2011 Christmas wishlist


I was determined not to create a wishlist for this year because 1) I barely receive gifts during Christmas anymore, 2) I don’t have enough money to buy the things I want for Christmas, and, 3) Our company won’t have a Christmas party so there would be no one here in the office who would be forced to buy at least one in my wishlist.

But my partner asked me to do one. I think he’ll be basing his gift (yup, this is me assuming that he’ll give me a present this Christmas) on my wishlist. Of course, I obliged. Who knows, maybe he’ll scratch everything off my wishlist. Hahaha.

1. Professional-looking bag

     The bag I’m using now is a Diesel messenger bag, which I’ve been using since college. This is the only bag I have left. The others are just too casual-looking to use for office. I don’t really go for the brand of the bag, as long as it’s stylish and professional-looking.

2. Professional-looking Shoes

     I want new shoes for the same reason I stated above. I have two brown loafers and one black leather shoes, but they’re either uncomfortable to use or worn out. The shoes I have left are topsiders, snickers and espadrilles. I basically just borrow shoes from my partner. Again, brand doesn’t matter.

3. Lollipop mini speakers

     My iPod nano (6th gen) doesn’t have a loudspeaker so this will be very useful. And it’s very cute and handy as well.

4. Kyla’s ‘Not you ordinary girl’ album

     I think this is one of her best albums. Unfortunately, it was released when I was in high school and buying CDs was not one of my ~priorities back then. I saw one at Landmark.

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD (pref. Season 1)

     F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is my favorite series of all time. I want to have a copy of all seasons. My best friend, Dindin, already gave me Season 5. So that leaves me with nine seasons. I must complete all before the end of the world.

6. iPod nano 6th gen screen protector

     My iPod’s life is its multi-touch screen. So having a screen protector is a must. I was planning on buying weeks ago but I had a hard time looking for one.

7. Polo, polo, and more polo

     I’m a T-shirt guy. My job requires collared top for work. You see my problem? Yup. I’m now finding resolve under my partner’s wide array of collared tops.

8. Samsung Galaxy SII

My partner admires and wants this phone. I guess because he talks about it almost everyday, I have grown to love and want this phone. But it’s a tad too pricey. But hey, a guy can dream, right?


So here you go Baby, here’s my Christmas wishlist. happy shopping! LOL


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