PRIDE MARCH 2011: The Patron, The Virgin, The Fag Hag, and The Not Gay Enough

Last Saturday, I, along with my partner and my friends, attended the Manila Pride March held in Malate, Manila. It was my third time to join the event while it was my partner’s (The Virgin) 1st time. It was also the 2nd time my friend, Jean (The Fag Hag), attended the event. She also took almost all of the photos that day.

We were supposed to have another friend of ours join us but he had a client meeting so he had to skip the parade itself. That somehow made him realize that he may Not Be Gay Enough because every time we planned on doing something becky, something always got in his way. Oh well. He attended the after party though.

As for me (The Patron), I witnessed a lot of changes from this annual Pride event. The participants’ floats and costumes were not as fabulous (or fagulous as I saw in one guy’s T-shirt) as before. There were also less floats and the usual establishments and businesses (Frenzy, in particular) that used to participate and sponsor the event were also not present.

There were also more lesbians who attended the event compared to the ones I attended. There were more members of the LGBT community who attended this year. The organizers said that there were around 77 organizers and 1,700 total participants. The numbers were bigger compared to last year but would anyone believe that there are only 1,700 members of the LGBT community? I hope more PLU will support the Pride March in the coming years.

And then the program was shortened to around two hours from the usual all-nighter. At 8pm the Pride program ended. The after-party produced by Mentorque Productions started at around 11pm.

Of course, there were still things that never changed.  The party crashers aka Anti-Pride were still present. There were still few drags that looked so elegant and fabulous.

The night was still a blast, though. There were a few of headturners. I challenged The Not Gay Enough to talk to someone and get his number but he failed. He just stayed with us the whole night. I think the amount of alcohol he consumed that night was not enough to give him courage. Oh well. Haha.

We went home at around 3:30 am after 2 buckets of Red Horse (I just had 1 bottle) and hundreds of calories burned from dancing.

Oh you should also try Shut Up and Dance’s SIBUYAS SISIG. It’s the best! NOT! Don’t ever order that. It was way overpriced. It was supposed to be the regular pork sisig with bits of onions. But no. It’s onions with bits of pork sisig. Darn it.

photos by Jean Natividad.


PS: The Fag Hag also bought her Christmas gift for me. Yay! Thank you!!



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