2011: Live. Love. Laugh. And More Love

This is my obligatory year-end post, sort of a review of my 2011. But I’m not really in the mood the get into details so I’ll just list the things that I’m really thankful for.

  • My partner – My partner made this year worth my while. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs this year, but we made it through. I’d like to believe (and I hope he does, too) that we’ve become better partners to each other. Of course, there’s still the occasional fights, but we handle it better now. I love him to bits. And I’m loving him more and more each day. Thank you Baby! Thank you for making me so happy. I love you so much!
  • New work – It’s not what I imagined it to be, but despite the rants that my partner and my friends have been hearing from me about it, at the end of each day, I’m still quite happy that I have this job. Not to mention the better pay and waaay better benefits. But I have plans for 2012.
  • Friends – I’m thankful for friends that have been with me for years now. And I’m thankful that I have friends that I’m so close with. 2012 will be a better year for all of us, I just know it.
  • My parents – Hands down, the best parents in the world. They’re just so supportive of me. I love them so much. I just hope I get to show it to them more.
  • The people I don’t like – While I’m not happy that you’re in my life, I’m still thankful because you help me appreciate the people I love more. Weeeeeeee. But you see, you leaving my life is an idea that I welcome with open arms. 😛

All in all, this year has been really good to me. I know 2012 will be so much better!


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