Moving out


It’s been three and a half months since I started on my new job at Wolfpac Mobile, Inc. as a Junior Content Specialist.

A couple of weeks ago, new broke out that we’re merging with Chikka Philippines, Inc., another Smart Communications subsidiary.

Honestly, I was scared because there were also rumors that they will be laying off employees, and since I’m one of the last hires last year, I thought it would be easy for them to fire me since they won’t have to give me a big separation pay.

Fortunately, I wasn’t one of the five employees that will be laid off. Those in the admin department (1 HR, 2 accountants, 2 admin staff) are the ones who will be laid off. It’s quite sad because our HR personnel, Ms. Rose, is really nice and fun to be with.

As a result of the merger, we will only be carrying the company name of Chikka, because as our boss said, it has more brand equity that Wolfpac.

We will also be moving to their office in Ortigas. After this was announced, there was an uproar during the general assembly. Many, if not all, were against this move because most of the employees are from the South and our current office in Makati is convenient for them.

As for my part, I was really sad because me working in Ortigas means no lunch dates with my partner and we wouldn’t be able to go to our respective offices (our offices are just a couple of blocks away from each other) and go home together. That was my one worry.

Oh well, as my partner said, we really cannot do anything much about it.

We will be moving to our “new” office on February 1. I just hope our additional 120 officemates will welcome our presence there.

Also, my title changed to Creatives Associate, thought it still falls in the same professional level/band.

I will really miss Makati. I will miss Greenbelt. I will miss Jollijeep (although I haven’t been eating there since my partner started working in Makati).


Oh well, I hope all these changes are for the better.


What do you think?

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