1. I dislike that you become bossy sometimes.

2. I dislike that you deny that you’re bossy.

3. I dislike how grumpy you become when you’re tired.

4. I dislike how impatient you are sometimes.

5. I dislike how you dislike Iza Calzado. I like her.

6. I dislike how you make me wash the dishes.

7. I dislike how sometimes, your mind wanders off to nevernerverland.

8. I (almost) dislike(d) that you did not remember our monthsary (well, you have your excuse)

9. I dislike that you make me exercise. (I know, I should be thankful. But lazy me hates you! LOL)

10. I dislike the fact that you didn’t like Serendipity as much as I did.

11. I dislike how you compare me to him. (You know, HIM)

12. I dislike how your voice raise sometimes, without you knowing.

13. I dislike how you kick those dead cockroaches toward me.

14. I dislike that you don’t shave your beard and moustache that often. It’s ticklish! (TMI)

15. The emo me dislikes how you don’t want me to sulk in my depression.

16. I dislike how optimistic you are. You’re competing with the realist in me.

17. I dislike how you do not stop arguing with me until you know that you’ve won.

18. I dislike how you make me feel that I’m doing enough for you. Because I know that I can do so much more. (Hey, I’m also thankful for this)

19. I dislike the fact that you are not fond of Japanese food.

20. I dislike how you make fun of me sometimes.

21. I dislike the fact that you can bear not talking to me for an hour straight when you’re made at me.

22. I dislike how you always joke about that certain pair of shoes.

23. I dislike how you sometimes forget things that I say.

24. I dislike how you black out you’ve got too much to drink.

25. I dislike how you smirk. It’s too intimidating sometimes.

26. I dislike how sometimes you already know what I’m about to say even before I actually say it.

27. I dislike the fact that you prefer NSync over Back Street Boys.

28. I dislike the fact that you do not want to dance. With some practice and confidence, you can be good at it.


It took me three long hours to do that! I was originally planning on listing 28 things that I love about my partner, but I thought that it would be too cheesy.

So there, the 28 things that I dislike about you. It was really hard coming up with those. And I am not sure how my partner would react. Just to be clear, my intention here was to be sweet because it’s my partner’s birthday.

Some are just trivial stuff, while others can be considered serious. All I want my partner (you) to know is that despite all of those, and I believe I can add more if given more time, I still love you so much.

I know you have your set of flaws, and I have my own as well, but I want you to know that that 28 things I dislike about you is also the 28 things that make me love you even more. You are not you without those things. And I know in your head, you may be disproving many of the things I’ve written there. But hey, I don’t care. I love you just the way you are. I don’t want you to stop doing any of those, because I may dislike it, but deep inside my heart, I’m happy because you are not afraid to show who you really are. And I guess that shows how much you trust my love for you and with that, I am so grateful and happy.

I don’t know if I’m being clear here or what. Or maybe this will just be a cause of another argument. But Baby, I want you to know that I’m not trying to tell the whole world how bad of a partner you are, because you are not, and you’re not even close to being one. I want the whole world to know how much I love you.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m sorry I am not able to prepare anything grand for your birthday. I hope my presence and my love is enough. 😀 Here’s to more dimples-filled and love-filled birthdays!

Ugh, I’m not making any sense. Basta mahal na mahal kita. Yun lang. Tapos.


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