Of Zia Quizon and OPM

For people who continuously say that there’s no hope for OPM, well I guess you haven’t heard of Zia Quizon just yet. She is the daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla, the country’s Divine Diva

I just love how soothing yet powerful her voice is. People tag her as the “Adele of the Philippines.” And you can see in her video of ‘Dear Lonely’ that they want her to portray that image.

Well honestly, I wouldn’t want to compare her to Adele because that would be us pretending that we are proud of her talent, when really, we just consider her to be good because she sings like an international artist.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that she can be a successful international artist. But comparing her to Adele won’t just do the trick. She has to create an image of her own.

We have heard countless comments from people around the world saying that we have some of the best singers ever. And yet Regine Velasquez is just the country’s Celine Dion, Kyla is our Alicia Keys, Sarah Geronimo is our Beyonce, Nina is our Mariah Carey…and now Zia Quizon is our Adele.

If they truly are one of the best in the world, then why aren’t they the standards of the global music industry?


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