American Idol Top 6: Jessica Sanchez sings ‘Dance With My Father’

I really do hope she wins the whole thing even though I know that the chances are slim. Her voice is just so out of this world. And her technique, her voice control, just stunning. I’m not a music critique, and I may not know all the technicalities in singing, but I know a great singer when I hear one.

This is my favorite performance of hers. Oh please, America, let Jessica Sanchez stay till the finals. She deserves it. And I’m not saying this because she’s a Filipino but because her talent is just really crazy.

She’s the best singer this season. And I hate how the judges keep on comparing her to Joshua Ladet. Honestly, that boy just screams every performance he makes. That’s not singing in my book.

I also don’t like that the judges seem to have made up their mind on who the winner will be. They put Joshua on such a high pedestal already that it seems a bit unfair to other contestants.

Jennifer Lopez needs to understand that being playful on the stage is not what makes a great artist. Adele just stands or sits on her concerts but she’s phenomenal. Cannot say the same for performers like Ke$ha, right?

PS. Standing ovation is so overused and unwarranted this season. Really? Every performance? UGH. I wonder what Simon’s saying while watching the progress of this show.


3 thoughts on “American Idol Top 6: Jessica Sanchez sings ‘Dance With My Father’

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