Movie review (sort of): BRAVE

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My partner and I decided to watch Brave last night because I had this itch to just watch any movie. It was a choice between this and Step Up Revolution. I wanted to watch both so the partner had to decide which one we’ll watch.

Obviously, this red-haired defiant girl won. And I’m glad she did.

I love Pixar. I watched ten (including this) of their 13 films. I’m sorry but that love can’t make me watch talking Cars. As for Wall-E, I will watch it before this year ends.

My ultimate favorite Pixar film, or films, is the Toy Story trilogy. I cried in every single film. It was that good.

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Now back to my sort of review of the film, Brave.  At first I thought this was similar to another Disney classic, Mulan, only because it also has a female protagonist. I subsequently learned that this is about a strong-willed princess determined to change her fate of marrying someone she doesn’t even like just to fulfill tradition.

It has a gripping storyline although I have to admit that it is not as emotionally-engaging compared to Pixar’s previous films (Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, Up to be exact).

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I do love how they characterized Merida, the female protagonist. I love her defiance over her mother, the queen.

As I watched, this film made me feel like a kid again because of the funny scenes.

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This is a good film for kids to watch so that they learn how mothers, and parents, do everything to protect them and make them happy. They also succeeded in showing that although parents want us to be happy, they are also not perfect and will make mistakes along the way.

All in all, this is worth the ticket price. Pixar very much makes up on visuals what they lack on emotions. I still adore how Pixar weaves stories and although Brave lacks on that extra umph when it comes to the emotions, it still is a good watch.

Not to mention the short film they show before the movie starts. For this film, they featured La Luna. It’s cute, magical, and heartwarming at the same time. I have to say, I liked this more than Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation only because it tugs the heart.

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La Luna:


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