Film Frenzy: Taken 2

Nuffnang and Kojie.San Men recently held a contest for the special screening of  Taken 2. I joined the contest using my blogspot blog. Luckily, I was one of the 60 Nuffnangers who won.

Free tickets!

The special screening was held at Shangri La Cineplex. It is undoubtedly my least favorite cinema complex mainly because of its food “rule.”

Anyway, as usual, I watched with my partner. We were both excited to watch the film because we were both fans of Taken. I also love Liam Neeson.

Kojie.San Men image model and Century Superbods 2012 winner John Spainhour was there to promote the latest products of Kojie.San. I also saw familiar faces like Laureen Uy and her beau Robbie Becroft, Matt Gozun and Jake Galvez of Becky Nights, and Dale and Abe Olandres of Geeky Nights.

Kojie.San loot bag!

THE MOVIE WAS GREAT! Okay, maybe it was not as great as Taken, but it was still GREAT! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. It also didn’t help that Cinema 1’s air conditioners were on full blast. I love the fact that the daughter was not as helpless compared to the first film.

Although during the scenes of Famke Jansenn, who played Liam’s wife and Jean Grey in all the X-Men movies, I was half-hoping she would just break free from the ropes and unleash her mutant powers. Go Phoenix!

Liam, as usual, was great. It’s like he doesn’t age! Or that he ages beautifully.

Taken 2 was a great action movie. I guess it just lacked the emotion of the first film when his daughter was first taken.


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