FOOD RAVE: KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

I’m a fan of KFC. I particularly love their original recipe chicken, fries and California Maki Twister.

When I read a post about their new product, curiosity got the best of me. So that same day, I ate at KFC for lunch and I tried their new Mac and Cheese Bites.

Oh, what a sad, sad creation. KFC Philippines hit a big wall with their cheese-top burger, which I still have not tried. The KFC Mac and Cheese Bites will not help them redeem their name.

If I will create an honest ad copy for this product, it will be something like, “Have bite of our Bacon-flavored-Chiz-Whiz-and-Macaroni-Pasta balls deep-fried to golden perfection!”

A true bacon lover would know that there is no hint of real bacon in the product. The pasta was also too overcooked. It’s like eating mashed flour or something.


I guess you should at least try it once just to satisfy your curiosity. Each order comes with five balls. My suggestion? Share it with four of your friends. One ball is enough for you. I promise. Haha.

You can order it for Php49.00 ala carte, or with fries and drinks at Php79.00.


What do you think?

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