FOOD RAVE: Rub Ribs & Bbq

Last Saturday, my partner and I met one of his friends Cla, who happens to be one of my favorite people from his side of the world, for coffee at SM Megamall. After two hours of sitting in the coffee shop talking about Plan B (inside thing), Cla said that she wanted to eat rice.

Partner suggested that we walk to Kapitolyo and just choose a resto there for Cla to try. He then suddenly remembered about this “meat” restaurant that one of my good friends suggested me. And so, we decided to eat there.

Rub signage. (Photo courtesy of Marie Kristel Lim)

Rub Ribs & Bbq is quite far from the more famous restaurants in Brgy. Kapitolyo. It is located around three blocks from my favorite burger joint, Charlie’s.

(Photo courtesy of Marie Kristel Lim)
(Photo courtesy of Marie Kristel Lim)

The place was cozy and ~hippy, what with posters of Thrilla in Manila and a quote from Bob Marley plastered on the wall. There roughly around ten tables. We were lucky that we went there a bit early because at around 7:00 PM, there were already people waiting to be seated.

Raki’s BBQ Ribs Super Duo (Php 370): Ribs + 2 Sides (serves 2)

Cla and I ordered the Raki’s BBQ Ribs Super Duo. It had ribs good for two people and 2 sides.

I was really impressed with the serving size of the ribs. Two people can share it and feel REALLY stuffed after eating. Although I must admit, I can finish it all by myself without any problem.

The meat was seasoned well and had the right amount of char marks, which I liked. It also had steak/bbq sauce on the side but I liked eating the meat as is. I barely had to use the steak knife. That was how tender the meat was.

We ordered Sprice (Spiced Fried Rice) and Bacon Potato Salad as sides. I wasn’t able to taste the rice since I am on a no-rice diet but both Cla and my partner loved it. They said it was really filling.

The potato salad was okay. Although there was nothing special about it and I barely tasted any bacon in it.

Rub Beef (Php290): Dry rubbed US hanging tender + garlic sauce + buttered vegetables + toast

I forced my partner to order the Rub Beef because it was one of the more expensive one on the menu.

It was served with buttered vegetables and toast. My partner was already solved with the veggies so I downed the bread toasts in no time. The meat was so tasty, having marinated in what I guess were tomatoes, garlic, and other stuff. Haha. It was also really soooooo tender. We had it cooked medium rare and they did it perfectly despite the meat sliced quite thinly.

As for dessert, we ordered the Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 150). I first had a taste of this piece-of-heaven dessert in Combi at Maginhawa. Sad to say, that resto’s already closed.

I love my fried oreos with thick batter that was why I was sort of disappointed that Rub’s version was not as fluffy. The batter, for me, helps balance the sweetness of the cookies, the ice cream, and choco syrup. That was why I thought their version was overly sweet.

I wasn’t able to take a photo, though because we were so excited to down the baby. It was also Cla’s first time to try the dish.

I think my version of fried oreos is better. Haha.

It was also a nice touch to hand the bill in a mug. Although I’m confused with the label on the mug. Do they also have a laundry business? Or is it some inside joke I have yet to learn?

GREAT NEWS! They also deliver via with a minimum purchase of Php750!

All in all, I loved my first time here. I’m sure meat-lovers will love the great food and affordable prices.

It’s a plus that their Kapitolyo branch is just a thirty-minute walk from our condo. After eating that much meat, we need all the exercise we can get to burn off the calories.

I will definitely come back and try their other dishes.

Here is the menu from their Facebook page:


Letter B: Rub Ribs & Bbq; Letter A: Charlies

RUB Ribs & Bbq
88 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Phone: (02) 624-6850
Open 11:00 AM-10:00 PM

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