Party Animals aka Friends for life

They say people come and go. But these people will never leave my life, unfortunately. Just kidding, I love them all to bits.

They were witnesses to my metamorphosis from an ugly uod to a handsome butterfly (ANO DAW?! Hahaha).

1. They were my company when I first entered a “bar” (Padi’s Point for ~Cueshe gig. Ewwww! Haha)

2. My longest fight with someone was with Patty (5-6 months. Kaya mo pala talaga akong tiisin)

3. My first archnemesis because of a girl was Ramil (hahahahaha)

4. Dindin was the first person I told about my preference.

5. My worst act as a person was when I destroyed Mutya’s Math project.

6. I sprayed my food all over Jeng’s and Jellyn’s lunch plates. Haha. Sorry! I couldn’t hold back my laugh.

7. They were witnesses to my first ever ~infidelity.

8. I had my first road trip with them (to Tagaytay. Layo eh. LOL)

But seriously, I miss these people. We barely see each other now. Four of them are now overseas (LOSER! Chos). One is based in Laguna drinking unlimited soda. We maybe in different parts of the world, but our friendship stays intact and rooted in Cavite City. Haha

I may have found new, great friends later in my life, but these people who I met in high school (except for Nyoy. We were classmates since Grade 6) will always have a special place in my heart. Four years of seeing each other at least five days a week were I guess more than enough for me to get attached to every single one of them.

They say high school is the best chapter of anyone’s life. I say, they are true.

To Maria Diana Rose David, Patricia Antoinette “Princess of Noveleta” Aquino Panganiban, Jellyn Junio, Ramil Joseph Solis, Leandro Masula, Joan Tolentino, Jessica Mupas, Artemius Patrick “Pu3k” Cano, John Alexis “Nyoy” Samuel, Francis Alcantara, Marinela Sintos, Mara Samaco, Shirley Seagan and Kimberly “Beyonce” Rances, I lablablab you guys! LOL

Let’s hang again soon, please? I really miss you, guys.

First year high school, 2002. Back when Tronix was bad ass
JS Prom, 2005
Career Day, 2006
Retreat, 2006
Retreat, 2006
Graduation day, 2006
Summer, 2007
Christmas Celeb 2006 at the Cano residence. Almost complete cast, minus Nyoy (who I assume was the one taking the photo), and Bunso.
Farewell outing for Majo
Kim’s debut
Patty’s debut 2008 at Island Cove with the rest of St. Augustine 2006
Summer 2011 at Water Camp
Balikbayan dinner at Conti’s (2012)
Kung may manakit sa dalawang babaeng ‘to, humanda kayo sa akin! Singit nyo lang ang walang latay!

P.S.: Why am I teary eyed while writing this? Haha. Emotional Tuesday, I guess.

*Photos grabbed from PA and high school classmates. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Party Animals aka Friends for life

  1. anong nagaganap at ang emo mo today? wag mo ko masyadong isipin baka di ako makatulog, ma-late ako bukas. hihi miss you din! 😀

    P.S. naiinggit ako. makagawa nga din ng kadramahang blogpost.

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